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Thursday, April 16, 2009


I just don't trust something that bleeds for five days and doesn't die. 
-Mr. Garrison

Women are ambitious succubi plotting together to formulate a plan for the downfall of men. Women have a mantis-abandon; they breed with a mate then decapitate the poor man and bathe in the squirting fountain of oozing red blood blissfully naked. Later they gather with their own kind to celebrate the birth of godlike sons spawned through false affection still dancing over the grave of the damned man. 

My mother divorced my father, or vice versa, after a hard night of adultery. See, this could have been kept in the closet, pregnant with black skeletons, but unfortunately the thinkable happened. Gravidity, months before anyone could be of wiser. The delicate platform of marriage hoisted by trust and the overrated word 'love' was bowled down and crumbled by the mass of possibilities in its tangible form, this caused the platform to crumbled to its knees. In other words, Atlas sneezed. The world stopped turning for a second and the spasmodic jerk caused what can only be illustrated in example as a vast freight pile up on a busy high way, only the insurance companies profited. This sudden whip lash moment of an unstoppable force of a duo meeting an immovable object of problem caused a rip in space which vacuumed up logic. In this new world down was up, money had value, drugs had meaning and the culprit became the victim. Not only did the mantis take the kids and hung out the corpse of man to dry of all rightful belongings and cash flow, but double fucked, this was not enough to feed the hunger. The marrow had to be sucked dry. On top of the masterminded larceny of taking all possessions and 50,000 dollars USD, they want 50,000 more, and the house. They being the mantises. Men, we must stand firm, never go soft. We are the rightful heirs to god's thrown. The example of Adam and Lilith has been forgotten to the ages, we must band together as brothers.

[not to be taken seriously, though the story is real]


bluemoon said...

Just a dalek thought ... :)

I get that you're kidding - kinda :O
But I think that broadcasting such notions at all can be highly risky Alan! Because they can be easily discredited ...

Yes, female predators are certainly as abundant as male predators. Still, it doesn't follow that all females are predatory - though perhaps from the perspective of a young male it may seem that way sometimes! ;)

But similarly, there are many women who view all men as rapists - and you'd surely be most indignant to be included in such an unsophisticated (and plain wrong!) generalisation ...

OK then,
All The Best!

Alan (my planet is mars) said...

ha i know, i know. That reminds me of the fresh prince of bel air when Ashley became a feminist.

To generalize an entire gender is bad but this was mainly satire and not to be taken seriously. lol

Erika Morgan said...

Well, that was a nice read. If you weren't joking around I would be slightly concerned, though. :)

cc'd said...

heh - this reminds me of my female friend who is single and is about to turn 30, nervously afraid of 'cougardom' - where women stalk and track their prey with in-discriminating fashion only to rip, tear, suckle at their prey's flesh and bones until the man is reduced to whiskers and bone meal

great post...