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Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick throw away post

 I'm thinking about some things i may want to write about on here but nothing is set. But i DID just watch Lost In Translation with  the always funny Bill Murray and beautiful Scarlet Johannson (she looks and is as beautiful a friend of mine). I haven't seen it since it came out in 2003. I'm sure everyone knows what the film's plot is by now. A famous American actor travels to Japan for 2 weeks to film a commercial and at the same time a photographer's wife is a few doors down in the same hotel. They slowly but surely become close friends in a short time while the wife's husband is away on business. Together they try and make the best of being in a totally alien land. The film uses some great music (well, 2 songs for sure) and the ending is grand. Spoiler alert: he whispers "And nobody is ever going to believe you"


Actual Film:


bluemoon said...

And a quick throwaway comment in return ... :)

a-ha! So that is what he whispers ... I've replayed that bit so many times, and could never catch what he says to her! Or are you just propagating another urban myth there to mislead us daleks ... ;)

Alan (my planet is mars) said...


he actually says something along the lines of "i have to go now. But i'm not gonna let that come between us. okay?" and then "Honey" by The Jesus and Mary Chain plays. Beautiful scene. 10/10

one billion daleks said...

My favourite Jesus & Mary Chain songs all seem to be about rain! Off the top of my head ... "Happy When It Rains" and "Nine Million Rainy Days".

Anyway, Thank Q! Alan for that link via carbon-copied's blog ... that site inspired the latest dalek post here.

All rather Serendipitous it seems! ;)