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Monday, March 9, 2009

Sensory Deprivation

If reality is what you see, feel, taste, and smell, then reality is merely electrical signals in the brain interpreted.

Lets say somehow you lose your eyes, your ears, and your neck gets broken so you have no feeling in your body at all. Basically, you have zero sensory input. Lets also say you don't even have smell or taste. So then what are you? Just a conscious mind placed in a jar? In about a few hours you'd lose your mind completely because all you could do is think and nothing else. The insanity would become extreme and you could do nothing at all about it. Eventually, within a few hours you'd begin to hallucinate wildly/ Who knows what you'd see, or what emotions will be triggered. You'd experience ego death and quiet quickly slip into complete insanity. Eventually your personality, all that makes you you would shatter (probably a matter of days) but none of it would matter anyway. You'd probably become a god, hallucinate your own universe in which you live in and use your minds idea of the 5 senses, teach yourself everything from what you already know. Existence would probably be a lucid dream. Normal "earth" life would seem a far away memory, your advanced human brain creating a new universe out of extreme boredom.

In a nutshell, the insanity would be incredible. You cant begin to imagine the extent of it.

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