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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can shoes be vegan?

What kinda stupid question is that? HELL YES!

I was shopping for shoes and while i was debating wether i should purchase the black canvas shoes vs the running shoes when i noticed this odd logo printed on the shoe. The shoes were both Macbeth but above the Macbeth logo was a green wide V. Turns out it was a vegan shoe.

Further searching turned out that Macbeth Footwear is owned by Tom DeLonge of disbanded Blink-182 and sell vegan and organic products. Going in deeper i found MooShoes, a shop in Manhattan that sells vegan products online and support no kill animal shelters. Pretty neat, i guess. But you know, whatever.


Michelle said...

If you're looking for great looking vegan shoes, be sure to check out

Alan (my planet is mars) said...

thanks L=

Michelle said...

Alan, just one more suggestion... has a really nice selection, as well!