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Friday, February 6, 2009

My 25 pennies

(1) I love to sketch, paint, scribble, but i only do so when i see fit. The stars have to be just right or I don't feel like what i've done is of importance or worth.

(2) Sometimes when i eat i imagine myself as the cookie monster and mentally say "Nom! Nom! Nom!" as i chew

(3) I don't cry easily but some things hit the chord just right. When i was an adolescent the song "Here She Comes" by Slowdive brought a tear to my eye, i'll admit. The films Pan's Labyrinth, Atonement, and the youtube video where the hell is matt? also. Images of children in pain too. You just have to have apathy and pay all due respects to truly feel.

(4) As a kid i would collect snails and imagined myself riding on their shells up trees, escaping rain, and hiding in bushes. Slimy creatures. 

(5) Sleep is a love hate thing for me. The dreams i have feel so real that the moment i spontaneously wake up from one i believe myself to be in which ever world i was in. Maybe the world is a dream and i simply haven't waken yet. Scary thought.

(6) I take pride in the music i listen to.  Like how i am with people, I listen to anything and everything with an open mind  and without prejudice. I will admit though i joke about race sometimes. ooo, bad bad. The only thing i haven't liked was the album The Effects of 333 by my favorite band, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. That was the first time i said "The Fucks This Shit?"

(7) I have posted nude pictures of myself on the internet, anonymously, after playing a game of roulette on a message board.

(8) The government is just another kingdom that pigs on its peoples taxes. What change is this? And after the American Revolution. The first settlers escaped England to find religious freedom. Then the founding fathers declared a separation between church and state yet the majority of voters are christian and elect a Christian president. and so on and so forth.

(9) One day i inhaled laced cannabis with a hippie and we listened to CoFlow. That day i fully understood hip hop, not as music but as art.

(10) I believe people who spend all their time acquiring knowledge for the sake of knowledge will never grasp the concept of joy, only a false idea of it because they can only apply their learning to their own thoughts and arguments. They hear a bird and think "what kind of bird is it?" and ponder while another may think "he's singing because it's a Tuesday".

(11) Many times i lose myself in thoughts for hours. I think of things that have no importance. I wish to one day think so well that i solve the problem of the Earth and life's enigma.

(12) I change my choice in reading material usually every month. Some included proverbs, american poetry, horror stories etc 

(13) I'm not the biggest religious person in the world. I sometimes say i believe in God when in fact i'm not fully convinced so as to please people. Naturally, the closest thing i can relate to is Taoist. The stories tied with this teaching fascinate me. One example is of the man who tried to escape his shadow and foot prints in the sand.

(14) One of my problems, if seen that way, is i tend to speak the truth or state the obvious. If i think you're acting annoying i'll tell you. This doesn't happen all the time only if i know you well enough or i'm short fussed that day.

(15) I was vegetarian for a short while. Possibly 3 months. The first thing i ate was a big fat cow tongue taco one of my best friends mothers made.

(16) I want there to be a revolution in my lifetime but am only willing to join if it's a strong enough group. Then i think that we are all too cowardly as a people to start anything, like a frill lizard.

(17)  Sometimes i daydream of what it would be like to live in another country, usually a rural one, but also cities, through a first person point of view. Another regular daydream is of myself playing covers of my favorite songs in front of an audience

(18) I believe in reincarnation because there's no way we live life once through our eyes and that's it. I'm thinking about what makes us our own unique self, why we are who we are and why our body  

(19) I want to become a tax preparer or another profession, start a business, then rake in as much money as i can. Then with that money i want to travel the world and better villages through spoiling their children. One thing i want to do is buy school books and materials that everyone can use.

(20) I hate celebrities and sport heroes who do no good with their instant wealth. Their greed is the sludge clogging the air flowing into life's lungs.

(21) Some people are too negative. I don't know how some people can feel so negatively towards another individual in any situation. I guess they try so hard to understand something that they get frustrated because they can't understand it. Who knows?

(22) I don't believe eating meat is necessarily a bad thing, but it should be the top of the pyramid. 

(23) The world is moving too fast. Everyone is so busy that life seems to be on fast forward. I like to pause and appreciate what's in front of me, that's why i love photography. i just wish i had something better than my camera phone.

(24) I'm the type of person who thinks of sex last in a relationship. I'm more about the love between two people and building of a partnership. 

(25) My ultimate dream is to stand in front of an applauding audience in a suit with a gallery featuring my artwork behind me in New York City. I'm going to make it happen, by any means necessary.

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