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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Speech

I JUST thought about this. The first speech has to be a 'show and tell' and can't be longer than 2 minutes. I suspect people are going to bring in a Bible, dog, shoes, etc. i'm going to bring in a pencil and relate it to people and myself. I have the basic idea down but almost in writer's block. So it'll go something like this but not exactly:

"The Pencil. Graphite surrounded by yellow pigmented hexagonal wood. This pencil is unique. Just because it looks like every other pencil doesn't make it like every other pencil. Yes, this pencil is different. This pencil is me.

How is this me if i'm me? Well, this pencil represents all of me. Every bite mark every scratch surrounding the tip is every bit me. Each nick tells a story in a particular POINT in my life. Therefore every pencil is unique.

A particularly nervous/ anxious persons pencil will be marked by a large number of bite marks. A studious person will have a short worn pencil. An asian will have a Hello Kitty Pencil (pause for laughter)

This thing holds my every secret. Together we remember important people and imaginary friends and transfer the memory on paper. We transfer stories and arguments down too in words and diction.

Like your mind, sharpen your pencil or it'll have no point."


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