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Sunday, January 4, 2009

... And I know because of krs-one.

i'm sick and tired of rappers flashing us on television talking JIVE about being the best in the "GAME". i'm sick and tired of being sold things i can't afford by these fast talking flashy businessmen. i'm sick and tired of flashy men selling ideas of hustling and gang life to the kids as a haven in the ghettos. i'm sick and tired of these guys tapping music videos in run down barrios while driving in Ferraris and Expeditions covered in jewels running from police, then show up in Hollywood with a posse of officers outside a 5 star restaurant the next day. i'm sick and tired of every song having a dance to it, achy breaky heart did it first. i'm sick and tired of kids calling each other by slurs, not because the word lost its power, but because they forgot its birth. i'm sick and tired of them calling what they dish out HIP HOP. yeah, keep it real.. far away as possible.

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