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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've always wanted to make a painting and document it step by step. My friend Fred, my ex-partner in crime in the Free Art movement, visited me from San Francisco 2 weeks ago. Since moving up there with his girlfriend he has done some amazing works of art. He showed me videos of him working on the paintings on his MacBook and i was just blown away. If he can do this so can i, i said to myself. I mean before he left we had sessions. Sessions is a term graffiti artist use when a group sits and sketches and works on Blackbooks like characters, words, or anything. Lately i found myself unable to finish anything. I feel like i'm just missing something. 404 not found. i lack inspiration. When I go to school for art classes i have deadlines. it's like i'm hired to make work. Other times i dish out pieces is when i think of people or times and end up making portraits or something else. One of my goals or dreams is to migrate to San Francisco and go to school there. But what i aim for is NYU. New York is like the Mecca of culture.

I'm most likely amplifying what it'd be like to live in a grand city but only time can tell and he holds his cards close to his chest.

I cant stand where i'm at because i can't stand where i'm at.

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la reina Victoria said...

Hi, thanks for the comment actually my english is not very good but i'm trying.
Oh i'm so happy you know I just write thing and I never hope that a person of another country and another language will read it (: thanks for that. And yes! i love Oscar Wilde he is like my own god! and i like Orwell, Poe and Huxley job (did you read something of Huxley?)

Just that, sorry for my english mistakes, luck and i'm going to follow you blog (: