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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Et tu, Alan?

So much time. So little to say. Hello antisocial committee. My name is Alan and i'm about drifting on this ocean called life. O, I wish i could spend it napping under an apple tree. Alas! The occasional night terror commences. Then the wet dream. It's a cycle. A cliche. You can spend it working to get to the top; climbing, falling, climbing, falling, just busting your ass off only to find that countless others are already at the top. You can spend it dying, with drugs, money, sex, and other pieces of wool that blind you. Nah, fuck it. That's not what i'm about. I'm not ready to kick my feet up just yet. I know i'm a four star general with five star potential. I'm just too deep in my sleep, floating here, with others, waiting, i guess, for my motivation. Yet in my dreams i can hear a soft, almost angelic, shy voice singing:

"row row row your boat. gently down the stream. merrily merrily merrily merrily. life is but a dream."

i'm not ready.

1 comment:

CarryHellAhriel said...

in reality, a (my) knowing voice says; yes you are