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Monday, January 12, 2009

fucked up again

I was watching jackass the movie after a long day of bull shit, i just wanted to relax, and i got up to the scene where they shove a car up Ryan Dunn's ass and then take him to get an X-Ray so that it shows up in the image. etc etc. So in passing i mention out loud that i thought it'd be cool to be a radiologist. My dad puts the mute on and goes "what?" so i think "fuck! he's going to start his hour lecture again" and i just wanted to rest. So i say "Nothing. forget about it" "no. What did you say" "i just said i thought it'd be cool to be a radiologist. that's it" "Well why don't you go to school for that. what are you doing wasting your time in art" "... never mind. just forget about it" and he continues to grind my nuts while i'm washing my dishes. So i go back outside to read and he follows shortly to surely talk to me about the economy and how hard it is in the business world. All i wanted to do was read. (just realized this is kinda like the song by Suicidal Tendencies "Institutionalized"). So he starts to talk and i just cut him off and i don't usually have much to say on a normal day but i tell him about his contradictions in his stories and the reality of some matters he was pointing out. Boy he was mad. But then i tell him that he should learn to make his points in just a few words rather than an hour speech because less is more. I regret all i said. I should have allowed my father to continue living in his perfect world where he's actually helping me and molding me into a good person, but sadly the truth hurts.

Moral of the story. Only speak when spoken to.

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