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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ignoramus System

I've spent many sleepless nights due to my mind wandering around in late hours with me worrying if it's okay. Have you ever thought about Google? Many if not all of us know how to work it, but do we know HOW it works? Why? We need logic. Many youths don't know why the lights go on when you flick on switch. But one thing is for sure, they can rock you at Play Station. Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and Da Vinci are thinkers. They spent their time pondering and getting results. 

Schools today are more concerned that you graduate from your classes than the thought of you actually understanding what is being taught. In my high school it was a common thing to see drug deals and fist fights. I even witnessed a riot and saw a video of a stabbing, a fatal shooting, all within a few years of students. It was more like a town of outlaws rather than a place of learning. These kids should be taught to know what's real. It's been a steady decline in the educational system because fools are teaching fools. Some of my teachers actually helped me cheat on tests and once my class took the SAT together because the winning class received a pizza party. Holy shit. I can even barely spell.

Knowledge is passed down and built upon things already done. Plato described knowledge as a statement that is justified, true, and can be believed. So the best teachers are parents and schools. But if neither know what's what, what's the point? These two are concerned that you get a good job rather than a self satisfying career. Like i love art but was always told that it's a worthless career because there's no money in it,  but it's not about the money, never was, it's about the passion. And now i think i've lost some of that passion as a result of slander, even though i act like it doesn't affect me.

So how does google work? i'll leave that to you. 

i'm going back to sleep. 


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