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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Bootleg Series Vol. 4., Bob Dylan Live 1966., The Royal Albert Hall Concert

While at the library, a few days back, i ran into my buddy Garland Miller. He's a country boy..

Pictured here in the middle:

.. we were having a nice convo about music. He was going on and on about country and how anything after 1972 is SHIT. How the Byrds were in every other band and so on. Then we go into Dylan and we're looking at scores of books on him. He's telling me of his albums and he mentions THE BOOTLEG SERIES. I was unaware of these, i just knew of the Live collection i've seen in stores. He talked about his live performance in '66 and how it was his transition into electric instruments and how he got booed. His selling tactics worked. I was able to find a copy of this album for 10 bucks!!! XD  it's amazing

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