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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Execution of Oscar Grant by police officer

This was clearly unjust and having the gun out was unnecessary. The officers had control of the situation, they had the unarmed Grant sitting on the wall handcuffed and then proceeded to pull him down and then take his life. I can't say if this was racially motivated or not, but the video shows the outer actions and results of the situation. I think if the video didn't exist and it was just eye witness testimony they'll settle with the family out of court and set the officer free and back on the job. The video however tells the story, not the full story but enough. Now he might be punished by the full extent of the law, which he is supposed to uphold, to protect and serve. 

Hopefully the family will do something worthy of their lost one with the 20+ million dollars they'll surely receive, such as a memorial or donate/ form a charity or just for his daughter's college. 

Should guns be outlawed in the US like in Britain? In the UK it is currently an offence for anyone to be in possession of one without a valid licence. A licence may be obtained by anyone aged 17 or over who has a valid reason such as hunting or target shooting. Maybe officers with a certain qualification, park officers, and military should be the only ones to carry a gun. It's so easy for the general public to get a hold of a gun. Guns bring accidental shootings of kids playing with one, robberies, passionate murder, ... 

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