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Thursday, January 22, 2009

You know what's BULL SHIT?!

Shoe Laces

no matter how many knots i get these demonic little shits in they can't stay tied. I get them in more knots than a boa constrictoer vs a Judo black belt in a rodeo and somehow these gosh darn Houdinis get untied! it grinds my shit. Sometimes i just want to drive a nail through them, yeah! that'll teach them. but then i'll have a nail through my foot. and that's bull shit.

The Weather

If it's too hot you think you'll spontaneously combust. If it rains you think you'll go the way of the wicked witch of the west. Then on top of that you get sick. What is this the fucking wild? Is this Africa? And then to add an olive to the bull shit pie it ruins plans you made in advance. That is not mud after the rain. That my friends is BULL SHIT

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