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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Day AFTER new years..

was my friend Ivan's 18 birthday. This bastard: . He asked  our friend, Juan, if he can host his birthday party at his house, juan's. Juan, being the good guy that he is, agrees, IF  Ivan can come up with money for beer. Ivan claims to have 50 dollars. (now that's not going to get you  a lot). But the next day he has only 20. "What happened Ivan?" "My mom needed gas money". Ivan doesn't have a job and he gets his money from mom. So the day before Juan calls Ivan to confirm his 20 dollars to which Ivan responds, "I have 10".  The bastard. So Juan got upset with him and pretty much told Ivan that the party was off. So the party people we rounded up were still coming over, we just celebrated Ivan's party without him.

Around 15 people came over to play beer pong, play rock band, and just converse. I was the DD for my buddy Ruben that night, which sucked ass. I met some new people and got reunited with some old friends that night. I was also the guardian of my 'home girl' Grace's baby. Baby Matt, i love that baby. 

Baby Matt has teh fi3r

I talked to everyone there and now i have confirmed i'm not going to be DD next time. I'm getting hammered and staying over. I need to. 2008 was a lonely singles year for me, it's my turn to cry while being drunk.

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